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Loan Forgiveness for Medical Laboratory Scientists in North Dakota

MLS grads, MLT grads, and phlebotomists working in ND: after you work in ND for a year you are eligible for loan forgiveness, $1500 a yr up to 4 yrs.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Occupations Student Loan Program
The STEM Occupations Student Loan Program is intended to reduce loan indebtedness for college graduates who work in STEM-related fields in North Dakota.
·    Amount: Funded recipients are eligible for up to $1,500 per year in student loan forgiveness for each year they are employed in North Dakota in an approved occupation. Benefits are capped at $6,000.
·    Who is eligible: Recipients include graduates who successfully completed a board-approved STEM related program at an approved college and who earned a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. Recipients must have been employed in a board-approved STEM occupation for 12 months in North Dakota following graduation. The number of loan forgiveness applications approved each year is contingent upon legislative appropriations. Not all qualified applicants are assured funding.
·    How to apply: Applications will not be considered if received prior to May 2. Applications will not be considered complete until all of the required information has been received by the NDUS. The date the application is considered complete will be the date used for priority funding order purposes.

2016 Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Occupations Student Loan Program (STEM) Application.

Click on the link below to review more information about the program.

Additional information about STEM Loan Forgiveness

MLS is on the list.  The application opened on 5/2 and closes on 6/16.  Applicants are welcome to still send in their documents.  The application can be found at the following link.

 Brenda Zastoupil would be the best contact person at the NDUS Systems Office. [email protected]