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2021 State Meeting

April 29, 2021

Begins at 6 pm

Contacts for Meeting or Registration Questions

Electronic registration issues -- [email protected] -- Questions will be answered in about one day.

~~~IT’S HERE~~~

Just what you have been waiting for…

  1. Another opportunity to join your colleagues in Continuing Education…
  2. Another opportunity to network and get to meet other laboratorians…
  3. Another opportunity to be face-to-face with the best in vendors…
  4. Another opportunity to get away, have some great food and refresh!!!

WHEN: Thursday, April 29th beginning at 6 pm

It's not too late to register and get credit by listening to the recorded Zoom sessions! Recordings will be available until May 29th, 2021.

WHERE: Your favorite location with an internet connection

WHAT: The ASCLS-ND State Meeting Continuing Education Sessions

WHO: YOU, your peers, and your colleagues

WHY: We will have just what you need to stay abreast of both clinical and management issues and new applicable concepts

HOW: Thought you’d never ask…


If you have trouble registering, please email [email protected] The webmaster and registration chair will get back to you within a day.

Please do not leave your registration until the last minute. The webmaster will be involved in the virtual meetings several hours before the sessions begin, and WILL BE UNABLE TO SEND ZOOM LINKS AFTER NOON ON APRIL 29TH.


  • Go HERE to register electronically. Your PayPal receipt, emailed to the card holder is your receipt of payment.
  • There will be no manual registration, as we must contact you electronically.
  • There will be no refunds, as the material will be up to view for thirty days.
  • Within three days of registering, you will receive your Zoom invitation. The night of the sessions, join the Zoom session. At the end of the session, you will receive your P.A.C.E. code.
  • Recorded sessions will be on line for thirty days for your viewing.
  • If you do not view the session within 30 days, we will be unable to re-post it for your viewing and we will be unable to refund your registration.

If you pay with an institutional credit card, please read this:

Please alert your accounting department to the purchase. We have instances where the accounting department does not know who ASCLS-ND is, and they file a dispute. Disputes cost money and take about three months to resolve. We will bill your facility for the cost of the dispute, so please, if there is an issue, contact us at [email protected] We will do our best to resolve the incident to avoid the extra charges to your facility.

This is posted 04/09/2021. Watch the area below for informational updates. A virtual meeting is new territory for ASCLS-ND, and we are certain there will be unexpected incidents as we proceed with this (ad)venture.


04/21/2021:How do I know you got my registration and how will I get the Zoom links?

On Monday, April 26th the webmaster will send out the Zoom links for the live sessions. Remember, we send the Zoom links to the email address you provided when you registered, not to any of your other email accounts.

AFTER the live sessions, we will send a link to the Zoom recordings. It may take up to 24 hours to access that information and email it.

How do I record my P.A.C.E. credits? Follow these directions.

How do I get my handouts for the 6pm Session: The Utility of the Clinical Laboratory for Forensic Pathologists? Click HERE!

How do I get my handouts for the 7pm Session COVID-Coag: What the heck is “Immuno-thrombo-inflammation?” Click HERE!

How do I get my TWO handouts for the 8pm Session: The Mindful MLS? Click HERE for 1. Click HERE for 2.

How do I get the program and credit information? Click HERE.

04/22/2021: Murphy's law would have it that our website host will soon be moving all of the content to another server. It could happen anytime beginning May 3rd. I suggest you PROMPTLY get any handouts and P.A.C.E. information printed out. You will be able to listen to the Zoom recording through Zoom.

04/26/2021: Zoom links have been sent to all participants registered as of 11 am today.

04/27/2021: Zoom links have been sent to all participants who registered by midnight Monday night.

04/29/2021: If you do not have your Zoom links by the times state above, please email [email protected]; we will get back to you in 24 hours.

04/30/2021: Recordings of the Zoom session were email as of 11 am.

                     I received one report that some links were causing problems. Email [email protected], and I will resend the links.

                     You must type in the password. Cut and Paste does not work.

                     C.E. Organizer worked flawlessly for me.