American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science 
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2021 Joint Annual Meeting

Jun 27 - July 1, 2021Louisville, KY

ASCLS-ND Business Meeting

This meeting will be held on Zoom on May 26th at 7 pm.

ASCLS-ND 2021 Spring Meeting


In this ever changing pandemic, ASCLS-ND has had to adjust to a different plan and format for our virtual meeting.


The good news, is that you did not have to pay for hotels and lodging.  You may not even have to adjust your schedule!


The 2021 virtual meeting will be held over the course of the year.  Each quarter, three speakers will present in one evening on Zoom!  The first session was April 29th, 2021 at 6 pm, followed by two more that evening.  But don't worry, you can still register and listen to the recordings until May 29, 2021.   These sessions will qualify for P.A.C.E. credits.


When you register, you will receive the information to attend the Zoom session live OR you may watch it at another time during a 30 day window – all from the comfort of your home, your favorite coffee shop – you choose! Your cost will be $10 per session for members and $15 per session for non members. A full evening for a member will be $25; a full evening for a non-member will be $40.  Student members pay $15 for all three sessions. Student non-members pay $25 for all three sessions. There will be no institutional passes this year.  Go to the 2021 ASCLS-ND Meeting page for more information.



We plan to have more sessions of three in July 2021, September 2021 and January 2022.  Check back regularly for information on dates and topics. 

The difference between the price of member and non-member will add up to a membership in ASCLS.  Why not join now?!  Just go to

Lab Week 2021 (April 18-24)

Here is a link for some lab week information.  Let us know what you did to celebrate lab week at your institution.

Letter to the Editor in the Grand Forks Herald

Great letter, President Linda Ray!  Here's the link!